Monday, June 13, 2011

of projects and randomness

my group's bio project.. :D which was handed in so long ago.. i'm really bad in keeping up with stuff lol..'s nice and simple and adorable, rightttttttt..

okay! another short update OTL
maybe tomorrow :)
nights pretty people ,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

in a matter of seconds

my camera charger is dead. i have a dead battery. OTL
anyways, i visited Cambodia during the holidays. my fave pictures of the trip are as below :D
it's a repeat of some of the pictures in my fb album though.. >< because it's too late for me to go through my folders now LOL.

i'm sorry i have not been updating.. but rest assure, i'm still alive! thanks to all those who constantly ask when i would update my blog.. you guys make me feel so appreciated <3
hmm.. sorry that this update isn't really an update LOL.
ahhhh holidays are ending! ;A;

i have not finished my homeworrkkkkkkk ><

it's late,