Saturday, April 09, 2011

of carrot stems and roses

i love my lamp, it gives such pretty lighting~ super old picture, somewhere february, because of the rose, teehee! finally made use of my macro lens, but still super noob in using it sob sob.
the world is alot smaller than i previously thought. everything and everyone affects everything and everyone else.

my studies are going down the drain, yay! chem teacher literally dumped my class, sob. i was super motivated to prove to him that he was wrong in doing so, therefore i studied super hard, but then i stopped after like two days. like wtf. gone back to my slothy ways teehee~

i cut my fringe last weekend, and am being called aunty and mama in school right now. OTL
there are ants living on my table lol. my right eye is always a little bit swollen after i brush my teeth because of the mint inside it lol.
being busy keeps my mind from the things that ought to matter to me. running away from problems is so much easier than facing it. pretending not to hear is so easy to do.
each day i make it a point to read the words next to my mirror before i leave my room, so that i'll remember to laugh and smile at the little things that come my way. it's getting better, it really is :)



Mich said...

Haha..prove curry he's wrong XD !
You've dumped your blog too :'(
I always love macro! Take more macro photos...XDXD

Michelle Lim said...

haha i'm gonna revive it back soon.. no worries! ><
yessir! i'll do it when i have time :)