Tuesday, March 15, 2011

of photography and revealings

they say that for photographers, the images they capture reveal a lot about themselves.
so i've been wondering... what do my pictures say about me?

maybe they say that i like carrots. well, that's true. i like vegetables in general. i eat all my greens and all the other orange, red, yellow and white vegetables too lol. or maybe they reveal that i enjoy capturing shadows and the play of light.

maybe they say that i like colours. 
maybe it says that i'm a person who always avoids putting subjects in the centre. maybe they can say that i like to capture textures; the graininess of the ground, the rugged exoskeleton, the brown bristles thingy. 
maybe they show that i fail at taking pictures of humans. and only can take pictures of still life. 

or maybe they show that i find pleasure in the little encounters through my days.

(all pictures are from the cny cameron highlands trip~)


misao said...

it shows you are looking at the world in unique way -

not sure if that's a praise or a harsh word but being you is great
i envy you being you
i wish i can be more me

Anonymous said...

I think you may want to get a twitter button to your site. Just bookmarked the url, however I had to complete this manually. Just my 2 cents.

Michelle Lim said...

haha.. thanks.. it's a word of praise, definitely.
i'm not someone to be envied of, but you are definitely you. nothing less, nothing more. :)