Monday, February 28, 2011

of an absence of motivation and notes to self

work-in-progress, i'm not sure about the orientation yet. i haven't been drawing for a long time and this is the first drawing i attempted after such a long time. looking at the drawing beneath the pile of books beside me, i think that it is uglier than this picture because i had thicken the hair lines. this wip, it has a nice flow to it.

note to self :
maybe i'll find out one day, maybe i'll finally understand
the reason i pull, the reason you push
it's probably gonna take some time till i get where i wanna be
so until that day comes,
remember to laugh at the things that make you smile, no matter how bitter the aftertaste.
remember that there are people out there, who care
remember that joy you found.
remember that things will get better, it really will.
remember that life is too short to waste away,
remember the pain
remember the reason why you held on for so long, in the very first place.
for now, hold on, don't let go.
don't give up.


jagged diamond, with edges so sharp, it'll cut anyone who presses down too hard, too fast.
i'm sorry my words are sometimes so poisonous, i'm sorry i'm blunt and unfeeling. but you just don't seem to see the point i'm trying to get across. i'm sorry i'm always so disinterested in the things you do, in most things, actually. taking care of your feelings, or anyone else's for that matter, isn't actually the first thing that i think of when i say the things i say or do the things i do.
but truthfully, i'm not really sorry for the things i've done. somehow i feel like you deserve this.