Monday, January 31, 2011

i don't know.
maybe the world has spun out of its axis.
because my world is not in place right now.
everything is out of place, disorderly, unkept.
but i,
i cannot be bothered to set them back in their places.
letting the water flow as it comes and goes.
wasting my time, letting the clock tick till the heavens swallow themselves.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

of keeping promises and old drawings

an old drawing, drew it early december last year, coz i rmbr seeing it lying on my table when mun2 came over lol. never gotten around posting it anywhere coz i felt it was really unfinished. but too much time has passed, and i don't remember what i was aiming for lol. oh well. the ear looks awkward, doesn't it? OTL

another old drawing, somewhere late december. i was tutoring my sisters in maths, and while they did their work, i was fixing a face i found in a relatively new sketchbook. then i was like ooh, i wanna draw braids. so i made my sister braid a tiny section of her hair for reference lol. i like the plump lips! staring at Seungho's lips has made me better at drawing plump lips 8D

if i'm away from the computer (which is very rare, i can assure you that), i can be found gawking in front of the tv normally with National Geographic, Discovery Channel or History Channel on lol. my family forbids me to go near the remote most of the time because of this OTL.  this was me few hours ago going WHOAAAAAAA at World's Deadliest Animals - Australia 8D
my parents were out and my sisters were busy so i had the tv to myself 8D my favourite animal now is the blue-ringed octopus. they are so pretttyyyyy <3 and the way they move! HOW CUTE! ahhhh! i want one as a pet ;A;
teehee! i haven't done my homework yet! teehee!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

of getting better and standing again

i'm here to say that the world is a better place with the right eyes, he was right.
as always.

from beijing folder again.. i like going through it, there are new things to find each time i sort through.. because there are TOO MANY pictures. OTL
LOL, guess what i just did. i was feeling a little cold and so i wanted to switch off the aircond, but instead i clicked on the volume on my laptop LOL OTL

art post next, maybe in a few days, depending on how efficient i am in finishing my assignments. thank you to all for the encouragement and kind words all this while. you guys won't know how much the words help =)
there are people that i cannot disappoint. i will work harder to make your kindness worth the trouble. i'm getting better day by day. no longer where i was. the only way you can go when you reached rock bottom is up, you see. now it all boils down to how fast i can stand up on my own feet again.

now playing : Stay - MBLAQ

Sunday, January 09, 2011

of pets and tearing apart

my favourite photography subject as of few days ago.
i don't think i can keep him for long.
which reminds me that i have a cricket and butterflies in my cupboard lol. but those can last cause i preserved it the right way. due to my excitement, i totally forgot to expose my pretty bug to sunlight for a few days. OTL
it probably is rotting slowly in it's case ;A;

i'm bad at reading the people that are important to me. i can't see the signs, like how an image gets out of focus when it's too near your eyes. cactus, tsk, prickly outside but jelly inside. i'll try to stay away. i don't want to hurt you.
it's inevitable. i only know how to hurt. i'm sorry.

Kaiser isn't eating well. he has grown so much since i got him. he's huge now. when i had him, i could cradle him in my arms, which he didn't like and always squirmed away. i still remember that he was in a shoebox beside me during the journey from Johor. now he towers over me when he sits beside me. this guy, when he was small, i used to ask him to jump on me alot and he likes doing it. nowadays it seems like he realized that he's stronger than he used to be, and whenever i ask him to jump, he does it so lightly, putting more of his weight on his hind legs before putting his paws on me softly. and he's still such a baby. when i go out, he immediately lays on his side with a pleading look. when i try to brush his fur while he's eating, he moves away from me that we move in circles around his food bowl. when he was little, whenever i forgot to put my shoes in the cupboard, i'd find the shoelaces untied and wet. nowadays, it gets torn apart and strewn across the floor.


Monday, January 03, 2011

of a dead insect and running

went out for a jog today (have to, if i want to continue my coke consumption lol) and my sis found a pretty little dead bug on the road, i carried it to a corner and took some pictures of it 8D
kinda cool what you find on the road, the other day was a dried up frog, there was also a white shoelace that totally looked like a flattened tiny snake. the tiny observations while running. the way the sunlight hits the road, the crunch of asphalt under shoes.
if you're a Haruki Murakami reader like me, you would have totally seen this coming lol. i'm following in his footsteps 8D although running marathons and ultramarathons will probably be impossible for me. been thinking of running since i read 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running', but never had put it into action, but recently i had a dream where i was running and was reminded about him. so yeah. hopefully i'll make it a habit so i can drink all the coke i want *daydreams* right now i have limited myself to like 1-2 cans per day ;A;

gonna wait for nice sunlight tomorrow for more shots of the pretty bug. i have no idea how it died, it was on the road where if cars were to pass by, it would get flatten by the tyres, but there it was unscathed, with its wings out as pictured. my guess is that it hit something while flying and it caused immediate death, but aren't their exoskeletons able to absorb the shock or whatever? i think a bump into something might cause it to get disoriented and stunned for a while, but this bug was definitely dead when i arrived. oh well, i'm no bug expert..
 brought it back home and covered it in case the bug had been lying there for a long time and been visited by flies and what not. if everything is cool, i'm making it my new pet <3
i'm considering bringing it to school to preserve it properly with formalin, but i think teacher doesn't allow the preserving anymoreee..

 guess who's gonna have 7 years of bad luck lol?
oh well, i don't believe in superstitions. but.
i lost my face expression reference mirror!!! ;A;
now i have no mirror to sketch facial expressions conveniently ;A;

lol oh well, i guess i'll just sit in front of my hanging mirror thing.