Monday, October 25, 2010

Of reasons and a random pointless rant

If elephants came in yellow, what would you do with your paint?
Things are as they are for a reason. 

As crows are black as the night and hummingbirds as tiny as they are,
Things have their purposes. 

Life isn't like a box of chocolates. If it was, you'd get to choose which chocolate piece you would like to taste first. You can't save the best for the last or keep the ones you don't like aside first. You have to take the things life throws at you when it comes. And when it comes, it really does, doesn't it lol? 
/end random pointless rant 


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waiting for the end

the MV and the Making of.
LP sparkles better than Edward Cullen.

on a random note, i'm sick and exams are next week. tough luck.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

of happy birthdays and bookmarks

because i love this guy a little too much.
Happy Birthday, Yang Seungho.
(if you don't know, he is MBLAQ's leader~)
there's so much to adore in this guy; his piano playing skills, his voice, his lips ASDFGHJJKLLPOI, his stare, him abusing the maknae, him failing at aegyo, him bringing dark clouds all around, his neck, his dancing ;A; (gymnastics and bboy-ing?!?!), his honesty, his absolute no sense of fashion, his ever-present cap, his bright smile.

i srsly think that i have a thing for guys who play the piano. @@

and yes, i made a bookmark for myself (and for the rest of the A+ community :D). it's one of my favourite shirt on him, he wore the outfit to a radio show. (i'm sounding real stan-ish right now, i know) he srsly wore that same shirt to several radio shows for a few weeks like as if he didn't have any more clothes. this guy, he gets a shirt he likes, wears it constantly for a few weeks, and then it's gone. 

well, at least the main goal of me getting into kpop is on the way to getting fulfilled. :D
i draw guys better now, right? weee! i knew it would help >D and and people tell me that they love the shading on it. for a person who fails at shadows and light sources, this means the world.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

of finishing happy and wet kisses

people complain that i don't take enough pictures of human beings. lol.
more pictures from the beijing trip. i think i took a gazillion pictures of trees. OTL

anyways, i'm done with the fanart i was working on. i spent so much time and energy on it, lovingly added every stroke, every line, that i'm glad i'm finally finished. honestly, i'm feeling so exhausted, like all my energy has been zapped out. but it's a happy exhausted, and it's worth every second of labour. yayyy, i have a new bookmarkkkk! (but first i hv so scan it, fix it, print it, and then laminate it)
this is the first time i spent so much time on a single drawing. i am amazed.  :D
/runs around flailing

i bathed my doggies today and earned many sloppy wet kisses in return. Kaiser is getting so big but he still keeps on pushing me down to sit in my lap. he also enjoys biting Mango, treating him as a living toy.
my ankle still hurts a little ;A;

currently reading : Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami
currently listening to : Running and Running - MBLAQ (Fugitive OST) (it has been on repeat for the whole day XD)

Monday, October 11, 2010

of a forgotten picture and bleeding lips

you are like a star
blazing so brightly
burning so fast that i cannot keep up
your brilliant smiles and your bright eyes
i wish they were mine, and mine alone.

and i know, they will never be mine
and that thought consumes me, swallows me

and i'm left standing at the back of the room
for you

found this picture in my folder, i took the picture somewhere last year and editted it this year, i clearly remember that. but normally what i have editted i would post on this blog, but i couldn't find it? oh wells.. @@
eihk, i just bit the inside of my lip. it's bleeding mad nowwww. damn, i feel like such a vampire.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

i hate it when people intentionally try to get closer with me.
with whatever agendas in their mind, i don't freaking care.
so i'm sorry if you think i'm avoiding you. (am i?)
you should know your boundaries.
i don't like it when you try to pry into my personal matters. i don't like it when you call yourself a close friend of mine. you don't know me enough, and i don't know you either.
so back off. all of you.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

of bad photography and willingness

 old pictures that showcase my fail photography skills but somehow i like these pictures.

she takes off her clothes, he puts on his coat.
she turns and calls his name, he puts on his socks.
he slips on his watch by the mirror, looks at her pleading eyes.
and walks out the door.



Thursday, October 07, 2010

of random pictures and frustrations

sometimes i fail too much as a human. =/
if you won't help me at all, just get the hell out of my life when all you do is pull me down.


and so

when you close your eyes,
what do you see behind your lids?
you probably see the same flashes of light in that darkness.
are more similiar than you think.
your fears are also my fears,
your dreams are my dreams too.

this almost invisible thread that links us together.
sometimes seen, sometimes not.
sometimes i feel it tugging, when we drift too far apart.
do you feel it too?

my leg hurts. i sprained my ankle a few days back and it still hurts. TAT
thank God that i have like holidays right now so i don't have to walk around much. just stay at home resting my idiotic ankle lol. how did i hurt it? i was playing with my dogs and when i jumped, i landed wrongly. my foot twisted beneath me. and then i was half laughing and half crying because of the idiocy lol. Kaiser came and pushed his face into mine and tried to bite my rubberband off. what an understanding dog. =/ my sisters laughed at me while i sat on the ground holding my ankle, crying. OTL
i have no respect from my sisters. OTL

the girl with elephants in her ears,