Wednesday, April 28, 2010

of explanations and decisions

someone asked to see the koigoldfish.
here you go.

and someone asked for an explanation on this drawing on facebook. and so here it is.
"the knots are not as tight as they were. so i've decided to unravel them, instead of hiding them again.
2 branches because i have two choices and one decision to make. original sketch had a koigoldfish next to her, to show that i will follow my dream no matter which path i choose to take."


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

of birthdays and strawberries

happy birthday to zh3n!
this year i didn't forget. *proud*

and everyone! pretty pretty please follow me on google friend connect again? due to my url change, somehow the follower application cannot be viewed on my blog, so i registered it again.. so follow me again yeah? 
i'm experiencing an art block, probably because i am super tired. i don't know why i'm so tired though.. 

my dessert on sunday.. the green thing at the back is green tea chocolate with almond pieces in it. my cousin thought it was wasabi.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

her choices

i may or may not finish her. i am beginning to like blue.
there are many things i have to do, many knots to unravel.
anyway, there was a koigoldfish beside her but zh3n said it looked out of place so i didn't put it in.
lalalala.. i wanna draw a koigoldfish parade next!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

of cold hotel rooms and second chances

the streets from my hotel room window. the city never sleeps, it is always awake, pulsing with life. i felt alone that day. i had dreamt that i fell from the top of a building the day before. the falling was not what woke me up. it was because it seemed like i didn't care anymore, as if i had submitted to my death. i did not scream, i did not try, i did not think. i fell asleep on the windowsill, curled up against the glass. i challenged the glass to break, to allow me to meet the ground 8 floors below. i awoke an hour later, with a backache, took out my sketchbook and drew. i drew and drew till my eyes hurt from squinting in the dark. and then i laid my cheek on the glass again and cried, for my unspoken words and cowardice.

but today i feel better, because i know i am not alone. His voice rings clearly
"I will be with you," He says.
When you pass through the waters, 
I will be with you ;
and when you pass through the rivers, 
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
Isaiah 43:2

because He gave me another chance in life.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

greener on the other side

click on it to view it full size to read it! it's awesome! 
because we are the coolest girls EVARR.


Friday, April 16, 2010


woohoo self potrait.
my very dark brown hair is getting out of shape. it is messy, flat on one side, puffy on the other. my fringe is attracted to my left eye lmao. i religiously wear coloured contacts. (now i'm wearing hazel brown that makes my eyes look slightly yellow) my eyes aren't that big, but i would like to think of them as the opposite. ;A; the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse! my eyebrows are unshapely and weird. my face is chubby but that's why i like my hair because it can cover the sides of my face XD. i feel my nose is a little too big, and my lips are almost always a healthy colour. i wear black round-necked tees almost all of the time with my favourite necklace that has 2 pendants, 1 ring and 1 keychain on it.
ps: my hair is flatter than that actually. artist impression! artist impression! i can't believe that my self potrait looks better than me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

after the fire

tribute to Yoko Furosho
she's the only one that can draw cute mushrooms. i fail completely. OTL
i love her penchant for detailing and patterns.


all i see is a dead end

he sings in your ear
Fly with the wings I gave you
his voice almost a whisper
he sings again, softer
Fly with the wings I gave you
Try to come close to me and I'll save you

his voice is distinct
it stands out from the other voices you hear in your head
though it was almost a whisper
you had wanted to fly away from this place
since forever
your decision is made within a heartbeat or two
he would even save you

you turn around
only to be greeted by his absence
and a barren landscape

to which you utter two words
What wings?

"Fly with the wings I gave you
Try to come close to me and I'll save you"
Carousel - Linkin Park


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

of being nowhere and now here

listening to: Easier to Run - Linkin Park

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


you look down at the ground. people pass by you, offering you no stray glances. you are part of the comings and goings of the people around you. another like them, living today for tomorrow. there is noise around you; a man talking loudly into his blackberry, tyres against the asphalt road, teenagers discussing a movie they just watched, the hum of car engines. meaningless noise and yet it is quiet. you look up now and you turn slightly to face your right. you look at the faces and backs of the people that pass you. you wonder about their thoughts, their emotions, their dreams and their secrets. minutes and then an hour ticked away. you lost count of the expressionless faces and slumped shoulders. on a busy street like this, no one looks up to see the beautiful sky. the blue they know is not the blue that you are seeing in the sky. all they know is the grayish blue of concrete as they go through their lives. unfeeling and cold. the blue sky turns darker and bright neon lights replace the warm glow of the sun. you wrap your jacket around tightly trying not to shiver. you close your eyes and listen to the noise around you again, eavesdropping on the people that walk by. tasting a little part of their lives. you open your eyes and finish your now cold coffee. and you made a mental note that you like the taste of irish coffee.

a goldfish a day keeps the nightmares away.


Monday, April 12, 2010


fanart of Mir of MBLAQ.
i've never been much of a kpop fangirl, but i guess this group is an exception. i love their weirdness to bits!
my #1 fave is definitely Joon, followed closely by Thunder and ending with Mir, G.O., and Seongho tied in third place.
my interest definitely peaked when i found out that their stylist dressed them up in clothes inspired by John Galliano. i mean, i grew up with John as my fave designer, he still is btw. John Galliano is the most awesome of all. did you see 2010 fall's RTW collection? like omg. i srsly died a little inside knowing that i cannot own any of the pieces. T^T

my dad just came back from mexico/cuba/wherever he went, and he didn't buy anything for us, so he said he'll buy us phones.. so i guess i won't need to use my money to buy my ipodtouch. *happy*
and i had pizza for lunch! yummy yummy yummy! i swear Domino's should make me a VIP customer because i order pizza so often. even the delivery man knows how old my dogs are.

i smell of rain.
i smell of dog.
i smell like a dog who played in the rain.
i smell like a girl who played with a dog in the rain.


Monday, April 05, 2010


skinny bookworm at library
 trying on some poster colour i bought to paint the goldfish on my wall.. 
too yellow, don't you think? i need more orange.. need to go buy lol..
something i drew while waiting for my dinner to come.
i love the new sushi king menu! the salmon tsumami was yummyyyy..
glory gave me an egg for easter! i love the broccoli lol.. cantik kan?!?!
and i'm so smart lor, i used my nonfuctioning batteryoperatedpencilsharpener as an egg holder.. 
LIKE AT LAST!!!!! *jumps around happily*

Thursday, April 01, 2010


hahaha.. for april fools this year, changed everyone's avatar lol, like they did last year if i'm not mistaken.. last year was the mudkips, right?

this year there were lady gaga, edward, jacob and seeker.. AHAHAHHA
i got team edward OTL.