Monday, June 13, 2011

of projects and randomness

my group's bio project.. :D which was handed in so long ago.. i'm really bad in keeping up with stuff lol..'s nice and simple and adorable, rightttttttt..

okay! another short update OTL
maybe tomorrow :)
nights pretty people ,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

in a matter of seconds

my camera charger is dead. i have a dead battery. OTL
anyways, i visited Cambodia during the holidays. my fave pictures of the trip are as below :D
it's a repeat of some of the pictures in my fb album though.. >< because it's too late for me to go through my folders now LOL.

i'm sorry i have not been updating.. but rest assure, i'm still alive! thanks to all those who constantly ask when i would update my blog.. you guys make me feel so appreciated <3
hmm.. sorry that this update isn't really an update LOL.
ahhhh holidays are ending! ;A;

i have not finished my homeworrkkkkkkk ><

it's late,

Saturday, April 09, 2011

of carrot stems and roses

i love my lamp, it gives such pretty lighting~ super old picture, somewhere february, because of the rose, teehee! finally made use of my macro lens, but still super noob in using it sob sob.
the world is alot smaller than i previously thought. everything and everyone affects everything and everyone else.

my studies are going down the drain, yay! chem teacher literally dumped my class, sob. i was super motivated to prove to him that he was wrong in doing so, therefore i studied super hard, but then i stopped after like two days. like wtf. gone back to my slothy ways teehee~

i cut my fringe last weekend, and am being called aunty and mama in school right now. OTL
there are ants living on my table lol. my right eye is always a little bit swollen after i brush my teeth because of the mint inside it lol.
being busy keeps my mind from the things that ought to matter to me. running away from problems is so much easier than facing it. pretending not to hear is so easy to do.
each day i make it a point to read the words next to my mirror before i leave my room, so that i'll remember to laugh and smile at the little things that come my way. it's getting better, it really is :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

of photography and revealings

they say that for photographers, the images they capture reveal a lot about themselves.
so i've been wondering... what do my pictures say about me?

maybe they say that i like carrots. well, that's true. i like vegetables in general. i eat all my greens and all the other orange, red, yellow and white vegetables too lol. or maybe they reveal that i enjoy capturing shadows and the play of light.

maybe they say that i like colours. 
maybe it says that i'm a person who always avoids putting subjects in the centre. maybe they can say that i like to capture textures; the graininess of the ground, the rugged exoskeleton, the brown bristles thingy. 
maybe they show that i fail at taking pictures of humans. and only can take pictures of still life. 

or maybe they show that i find pleasure in the little encounters through my days.

(all pictures are from the cny cameron highlands trip~)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

just wanted to you know, say something

ah. my non-existant eyelashes.
i feel like getting an eyelash extension thingy.
tomorrow's the last day of tests.
i can't wait.
i should be studying.

ah end!

Monday, February 28, 2011

of an absence of motivation and notes to self

work-in-progress, i'm not sure about the orientation yet. i haven't been drawing for a long time and this is the first drawing i attempted after such a long time. looking at the drawing beneath the pile of books beside me, i think that it is uglier than this picture because i had thicken the hair lines. this wip, it has a nice flow to it.

note to self :
maybe i'll find out one day, maybe i'll finally understand
the reason i pull, the reason you push
it's probably gonna take some time till i get where i wanna be
so until that day comes,
remember to laugh at the things that make you smile, no matter how bitter the aftertaste.
remember that there are people out there, who care
remember that joy you found.
remember that things will get better, it really will.
remember that life is too short to waste away,
remember the pain
remember the reason why you held on for so long, in the very first place.
for now, hold on, don't let go.
don't give up.


jagged diamond, with edges so sharp, it'll cut anyone who presses down too hard, too fast.
i'm sorry my words are sometimes so poisonous, i'm sorry i'm blunt and unfeeling. but you just don't seem to see the point i'm trying to get across. i'm sorry i'm always so disinterested in the things you do, in most things, actually. taking care of your feelings, or anyone else's for that matter, isn't actually the first thing that i think of when i say the things i say or do the things i do.
but truthfully, i'm not really sorry for the things i've done. somehow i feel like you deserve this.


Monday, January 31, 2011

i don't know.
maybe the world has spun out of its axis.
because my world is not in place right now.
everything is out of place, disorderly, unkept.
but i,
i cannot be bothered to set them back in their places.
letting the water flow as it comes and goes.
wasting my time, letting the clock tick till the heavens swallow themselves.